Brand Strategy Bootcamp

Get the foundations right

Brand Strategy Bootcamp

Build the foundation of a strong, successful brand with our Brand Strategy Bootcamp course.

Most people with a new business idea are itching to get started and want to see new customers rolling in as soon as possible.

They’ll get a logo created to help their new business look legit, but they’re missing a very important step – establishing their brand strategy. THIS is where the magic happens and is a key step in giving your brand the upper hand over your competitors.

But what exactly is a brand strategy? Think of it this way – a brand strategy is the who, what, when, where and why of your business. It’s all the juicy details that make your business unique, and give you an edge over your competitors.

In this short course, we’ll guide you through building the foundations of a successful new business by:

This short course forms part of our complete Upper Hand Brand course, but can be completed as a standalone module for anyone in the early stages of creating a new business, or taking their existing business in a new direction. We use comprehensive online workbooks, video tutorials, cheat sheets and templates that will take you through our framework step-by-step, plus it’ll only take you a weekend to complete.


Of course, technically you can jump ahead to creating your logo – but by starting here you’ll be doing what most start-ups fall into the trap of doing. We are big believers of “less is more” – so we wouldn’t have developed this short course if we didn’t believe that it would help you create a brand that genuinely gives you the upper hand.

Yes! If you’ve realised that your brand isn’t working for you, or you’re wanting to take it in a new direction, but you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars –  this course is for you.

Ultimately – money. If you are just starting out, in the early years of business or simply needing a more budget-friendly way of overhauling your brand – Brand Strategy Bootcamp will save you thousands of dollars. Together, we have been working with business owners for 15 years and we wanted everyone to have the same opportunity to have a strategic brand that they’re proud of.

We estimate that it can be completed in about 10 hours, but this will also depend on your business and how much detail you want to include while working your way through each step. We can safely say that you’ll be able to get it done over the course of one weekend though (and even have plenty of snack or coffee breaks too).

Yes! Establishing a refined and sophisticated brand identity communicates credibility and proficiency to potential clients, leading to a greater willingness on their part to invest in your offerings at a premium price. 

In this course, we’ll guide you through honing in on a specialised market and effectively conveying your unique value to them. These are essential components for positioning yourself to command a premium fee.

Absolutely! We have tailored our examples throughout the course to Health and Wellness, however, all the fundamentals are 100% the same no matter what industry you’re in. You will still walk away with a stand-out brand strategy.

So what’s all this worth?

Special Offer! $299 AUD