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Innate Life

Innate Life is a family friendly Chiropractic studio with studios located in both Toronto and Wangi Wangi. They utilise state of the art Chiropractic technology to allow you and your family to experience the best from your Chiropractic care.

Innate Life embraces the philosophy that nature knows best, and the natural design of the human body is that of an intelligent system equipped with all that it requires to function optimally, heal naturally and thrive.

The Innate Life Chiropractic logo features a rustic mountain icon with texture to give the logo a hand drawn feel. The colours used are very natural and peaceful colours. They work well paired with natural textures such as wood and are warm and inviting. The colour was an important considering as the logo had to fit with minimal wood and white used in the studio spaces.

Design Bug created the logo, business stationery including business cards, building signage, patient forms and DL flyer.

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