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Stryker Green for Bulbeck

Established 1949, Bulbeck Fire leads the market in firefighting equipment supply. Bulbeck Fire re-launched STRYKER as ‘STRYKER GREEN’, positioning it as being environmentally responsible, leading the way with 100% of our Fire Suppression Foam rated green!

Design Bug was tasked with branding the relaunch of the STRYKER brand. Considerations included ensuring the new STRYKER brand styling fit under the umbrella of the Bulbeck brand and position it as a green and environmentally friendly brand.

Design Bug has worked with Bulbeck to develop a new logo and accompanying stamp, flyers, and fire extinguisher packaging and labels.

The new logo features the exisiting Bulbeck font paired with a legible, friendly font for the ‘Green’ to give the logo an organic feel. The icon incorporates a tick, that could also take the abstract form of a fire, encased in a green box to represent the idea of fire suppression. The tick also drives home the point that Stryker Green ticks all the compliance boxes.

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