Darks Coffee Roasters

Adding personality through illustrated product labels for a Newcastle coffee roastery.

Darks Coffee Roasters are Wholesale Coffee Suppliers based in Newcastle, NSW. Here at Design Bug, we don’t shy away from the fact that we all enjoy a good coffee. So when Adam and Trent were looking to redesign some of their product packaging, we knew we’d be a perfect match. The best part? Much like us, they have a huge focus on their people and on injecting personality into all they do.

What we did
We had a lot of fun working with local coffee roasters, Adam and Trent, to update the stickers for their bags of coffee with custom illustrations. Having been musicians in their previous lives, each blend of coffee had been named after a different piece of musical equipment. We worked with them to incorporate this into the illustrations, creating clean and simple designs. To compliment each blend of coffee, we also designed individual product cards.
Brochures & Flyers, Illustration, Packaging Design
The Darks brand enjoys a strong reputation for great coffee with a focus on people and personalities.

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