Innova Hypnotherapy

A contemporary and welcoming brand for a Clinical Hypnotherpy practice.

Innova Hypnotherapy is a new Clinical Hypnotherapy practice based in Newcastle, NSW. Founder Lil, is deeply motivated to help people make positive and permanent change through hypnosis and NLP.

What we did
Innova [in-no-va] from the Latin word innovo means to renew, restore and return – and this couldn’t be a more fitting name for this line of work. With a strong name and brand foundation in place, working the clients love of the ocean into her identity came naturally.   

The brand identity for Innova Hypnotherapy is contemporary, refreshing and welcoming. The logo is built around the unique mark created with rounded lines and circles to represent the word Innova. Each letter is connected in some way to another, whether it is a continuation from a previous letter, or impacted in shape by another. This represents the interconnectedness and impact that defines the human existence. A strong sans-serif typeface has been chosen to modernise the logo, and the weight (thickness) of the font allows for readability from long distances. A hand drawn font has been chosen for hypnotherapy to add personality to the brand.     

We can’t wait to expand on the Innova brand presence with a website and marketing collateral to come!
Branding & Logo Design, Business Stationery
"Thanks Design Bug for creating a gorgeous and perfectly balanced, symbolic brand for me!"

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