Client Showcase:
The Good Property Company

How we gave The Good Property Company a new lease of life.

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe wondering why you’ve held on to so many clothes that don’t fit/no longer reflect who you are/belong in another decade? Branding can be like that too.

Like people, businesses change and grow, and your brand works in the same way as the clothes you put on each morning – it tells a visual story. Whether you feel that your business is looking dated or you’ve changed direction, a rebrand shows current and would-be customers that you are in control of the journey.

That’s what happened with The Good Property Company. After purchasing the Newcastle property management business four years ago, Kayleigh Kilgore kept the existing branding to create a sense of continuity. But after putting her stamp on the business, it was time for a refresh.

“After a few years, I wanted to update the brand to make it more about me. I also wanted to freshen it up to ensure the business felt up to date and current.” – Kayleigh Kilgore

This project began when Kayleigh asked us to develop a new website. But after speaking with her, it was clear that the website was just one piece of a much bigger picture. Updating the website without rethinking her logo, business stationery, signage and other touchpoints would have left the business feeling disjointed. Kayleigh was also in the process of moving premises, which presented an opportunity to rethink her signage too.

This is how a lot of our rebrand projects start – with a request for a website, a new sign or refreshed business cards. Behind many of these requests, however, is an unspoken acknowledgement that the branding no longer feels true to the business. That’s why we take a big-picture look at every project, to ensure that the decisions you make align with the direction of your business.

Here’s how we helped Kayleigh take control of The Good Property Company brand.

The rebrand process

To bring The Good Property Company brand into line with the business Kayleigh had rejuvenated, we started asking what made clients stick around – and there was plenty to work with. An independent business. Personal service. Local insights. A fresh approach. These were just a few of the reasons that both investors and tenants use The Good Property Company.

Our job was to represent this local, personal touch.

So we started with a redesign of the logo. Through this process, we selected a light, bright colour palette that stands out in property market. The brand colours were also chosen to complement an established mortgage broking business that operates alongside The Good Property Company.

Finally, we needed imagery that clients could relate to, so we equipped the business with a suite of Newcastle images that reflect the local feel of the business.

The new brand was then rolled out across stationery, signage, a new website and the new premises. Since then, the business has continued to grow.

“I can now direct a lot of customers to my website, as it is full of relevant information. This frees up my time to work one-on-one with clients once they have the initial information they need. Brand awareness has also increased – lots of people stop and look at the photos of Newcastle on our shopfront. Thanks to the rebrand, I have an improved conversion rate with new customers.” – Kayleigh Kilgore

Want to be proud of your brand too?

Perhaps your brand feels tired, the business grown quickly or you’ve developed new products and services. If you just nodded your head, here’s what you need to know about the rebrand process.

A rebrand is a holistic refresh of your brand that starts with your logo and is applied to all of your touchpoints, from signage to car stickers, business cards, uniforms, social media, menus, packaging and your website.

A rebrand may be necessary if your business has changed direction, has a new name or ownership, or if your brand hasn’t been refreshed for some time.

There is no right time for a rebrand, however periods of change such as moving premises provide a good opportunity to review your brand. That’s because when you move, you will need to update all of your business materials including signage, business cards, brochures and letterheads. Rebranding at the same time makes this process more efficient.

“It has been fantastic to be able to bring my entire brand into line as a suite, as I know it showcases the business perfectly. After the rebrand, I have greater clarity and I find that promoting the brand and business is a lot easier.” – Kayleigh Kilgore

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